Help these children of San Pedro la Laguna reach the sky.

Art opens minds; good nutrition promotes better learning.  A good education means hope for a better tomorrow.

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Who we serve


The challenges facing indigenous parents are daunting, especially for a single mother, even in a town like San Pedro, where the economy is enhanced by tourism.  If they don't read or write and don't speak Spanish well, the better paying jobs simply aren't open to them.  Thus the women are relegated to house-cleaning, washing clothing, or selling in the market.  Most of the fathers work in the fields, as day-laborers.  

Because the parents lack skills to help their children with homework, we are open during the week for tutoring and computer skills assistance.

Without assistance with fees for high school attendance, these children will continue in the same type of low-paid labor as their parents, and the cycle of poverty will continue.

Our History


For the past three years we have been serving 33 families of San Pedro L.L. through the generosity of sponsors primarily from California.  During this time period we have expanded the responsibility and committment of the Parent Board, added to the quantity of the food in our monthly basket for the parents, and secured a more spacious site for the program.  

We continue to look for new opportunities for both children and parents to succeed.

Our Mission


To enhance the lives of children of very poor Maya Tz'utujil families in San Pedro la Laguna Guatemala through art, nutrition and education assistance; to afford opportunities for a bright future.  To respect the local people and their cultural traditions.


The nutritional quality of the family diet will improve.

Each child will continue in school to graduation.

Children will benefit from the art education they receive in the program - in school, and in life.

Children will exhibit emotional self-management skills, better organization, and increased responsibility in class, home and school.

Members of the Parent Board will cooperate to produce the food distribution, organize the classroom cleaning teams, and make program decisions along with the Director.



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Your personal contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.   For information on supporting an individual family, please contact Miranda at   Our NGO is Doroteia Pathways Foundation, P.O. Box 7514, Chico, CA 95927

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